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Gregory Tobichuk Discusses the Much Anticipated July Debut of the 2021 Ford Bronco

Car enthusiast Gregory Tobichuk discusses the much anticipated debut of the 2021 Ford Bronco this July.

MANSFIELD, MA / JULY, 2020 / In 2017, Ford announced the company would be releasing a new and improved Bronco. However, production of the much anticipated vehicle was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, forcing Bronco fans to wait even longer for its reveal. Car enthusiast Gregory Tobichuk recently stated that the Bronco’s release is now set for July 13. Until now, those awaiting the reveal have only seen leaked photos and renderings.

“We’ve been waiting since 2017 to see this new version of the Bronco,” Gregory Tobichuk said. “Ford has been extremely diligent in not revealing too much information about the 2021 edition, and that has made the wait even more difficult.”

Gregory Tobichuk explained that the Bronco is expected to compete with the Jeep Wrangler, which features a similar boxy look, plenty of ground clearance, and the one feature car enthusiasts are anticipating most — a removable roof and doors. Gregory Tobichuk explained that the removable roof was one of the most desired features of the decades-old Ford Bronco, and fans are eager to see how this feature looks and operates on the new and improved 2021 version.

“We’re expecting a vehicle that’s rugged enough to go anywhere, but we also expect to it to have all of the latest and greatest amenities,” Gregory Tobichuk said. “Previous versions were pretty bare bones, but Ford has hinted at the 2021 Bronco being equipped with many of the luxuries of the Raptor.”

Gregory Tobichuk also described some details he knows will be present in the new edition of the Bronco, including a grille featuring the Bronco nameplate and LED running lights. A turbo-charged engine is expected and car enthusiasts, like Gregory Tobichuk, are hoping for the option of a manual transmission, but Ford hasn’t released full details to the public.

Gregory Tobichuk added that he expects the new Bronco to be as rugged as the versions that date all the way back to 1966. The Bronco has always been a vehicle designed for the outdoors with an ability to go practically anywhere, and that’s what Bronco fans really want to see with this 2021 version. While the Bronco will be revealed in just two weeks, it isn’t expected ot hit dealerships until 2021. Ford has stated that the starting price will be around $30,000.

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