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Gregory Tobichuk Discusses How to Make a Successful Career Transition

Switching careers can be daunting and not everyone is successful in the transition. Gregory Tobichuk made it work and is thriving in his new career.

Whether making a career change by choice or out of circumstantial necessity, finding and succeeding in a job in a new field can be tricky. Some people decide they are ready for the challenge of a new career and decide to take the leap into a new arena. Others find themselves in a position where their current industry or career path is no longer viable, and are therefore pushed to find something new in order to continue to move forward and remain employed. In 2011 Gregory Tobichuk was in the former position, ready to pursue other interests and see what other careers had to offer.

Gregory Tobichuk joined the Army in 2003 and within two years had already made a major transition within the military. He started out working as a Telecommunications Maintenance Officer but in 2005 moved into a career with the military police. Right at the beginning of his career Gregory Tobichuk proved that he could move from one role to another. This particular transition meant he now had more responsibilities and more people relying on him. Taking that kind of career leap early on prepared Gregory Torbichuk for the day he would transition out of the military and into a brand new civilian career.

In 2007 Gregory Tobichuk made another move within the Army when he joined the Infantry. Once again he was taking on a huge responsibility. He proved his ability to learn new skills and perform at a high level amongst new challenges. By making another change early in his career Gregory Tobichuk proved his resilience and flexibility, useful skills in nearly any industry. There was also a lot of crossover in the skills needed to be successful in the military police and the infantry. Choosing a career requiring similar skills helped make the transition smooth for Gregory Tobichuk.

Gregory Tobichuk was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011 before leaving the military and making the largest career change of this life. This time it wasn’t just a transition within the Army; it was a complete shift in direction. The discipline, flexibility, and determination Gregory Tobichuk learned during his military career helped him begin a successful career as a plumber. He’s now working as a licensed plumber and credits the smooth transition to the other changes he’d made early on that taught him valuable lessons in how to take skills from one job and channel them into a new enterprise. He brings a wide variety of skills and experiences learned over the years into his current career as a plumber.

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